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Music of
Wally Kleucker

Seasons Come Dancing 2
22 Choral pieces for all seasons

Composed and arranged by Wally Kleucker

For all who wish to celebrate the dance of our changing seasons!

Seasons Come Dancing 2 features new songs for seasonal holidays, celebrations, and memorials, including Water Communion, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the Autumnal and Vernal Equinox, the bicentennials of Walt Whitman, Margaret Fuller, Abraham Lincoln, and Charles Darwin, and much more. Each song is introduced by performance and background notes.

by Michael Holmes
Music Director, Unitarian Universalist Church of Silver Spring, MD

I am very happy and honored to recommend to you the music of Wally Kleucker. For at least three years now, I have been performing his music as a choral conductor mainly in the Unitarian Universalist circles.

... I am particularly attracted to the the freedom that he takes with his choices of melodic and harmonic language, sometimes unexpected and even daring. More specifically, he speaks in two different languages when he feels appropriate: 1) His own sophisticated inner voice, or 2) the voice of UUism and his own American culture. It is the simplicity of the latter category which many volunteer choirs may find enormously useful.

...There is a wide range of difficulty levels in "Seasons Come Dancing", and therefore, something for every kind of choir. I find his piano accompaniments to be particularly interesting, and they often provide the right balance, support, and sometimes even a welcome contrast to the vocal parts.

...I think much of Wally's choral music blends in so perfectly with any other style or genre of music in a concert or in a service, not because of its popular appeal, but because of its honesty and humanity. A certain directness and humility that he has chosen to display, where the listener always comes first, is rare among composers who have the training of his stature (Wally was a student of Einojuhani Rautavaara in Helsinki, Finland, who happened to have been a student of Jean Sibelius!).

I look forward to performing Wally's choral music for years to come, and I also look forward the many new works that will come from his prolific pen!

Michael Holmes


Contents of Seasons Come Dancing 2



1. The Place We Call Home
(Homecoming / Ingathering Sunday)

2. And Now the Beautiful Rain
(Water Ceremony)


3. Psalm 23
(Rosh Hashanah/Yom Kippur)

4. When the Soul Lies Down (Rumi)
(Rumi's 800th birthday September 30, 2007)

5. Ramadan


6. Under the Harvest Moon
Carl Sandburg (Harvest Month)


7. Day of the Dead
(Dia de los Muertos)


8. Give Thanks For Every Moment (Thanksgiving)






9. Credo from Missa Vitae (Mass in Celebration of Life) text Mark Belletini (Hannukah/Christmas)

10. Justice Equity and Compassion
(Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day)

11. Sometimes I Feel Like Motherless Child
(Black History Month)

12. And That Is My Religion
(Lincoln Bicentennial 2009)

13. Whispers
(Darwin Bicentennial 2009)





14. O My Mother the Earth
(Vernal Equinox)

15. Spring Song
(Early Spring)


16. You Shall Possess
(Whitman Bicentennial 2009)


17. Only To Grow (from "The Seven Principles")
(Margaret Fuller Bicentennial 2010)

18. In the Woods We Return
from the cantata "The Seven Principles"




19. Summer Woods
(Summer Solstice)




20. Let My World Awake! (Rabindranath Tagore)
21. Come, Now, Music - text Mark Belletini
22. Blessings (Benedictus) from Requiem - text from Sonata for Voice & Silence by Mark Belletini

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