In Silence Deep
for mixed chorus (SATB) and piano (optional) by Wally Kleucker

This piece was written in October, 2008 in remembrance of those who died in wars. Armistice Day (the 11th of November 1918) was the end of the First World War and throughout the world is a day reserved for remembrance of those fallen in combat.


The text is a setting of a poem "The Anxious Dead" by John McCrae, a Canadian soldier who died in France in 1918.

His words echoes today as if they were written yesterday:

"O guns, fall silent, till the dead men hear above their heads, the legions pressing on:
(These fought their fight in time of bitter fear,
And died not knowing how the day had gone.)...
Bid them be patient, and some day,
they shall feel earth enwrapt in silence deep..."

The piece is approximately four minutes in duration.

To VIEW the score, click here.

This is only meant as a sample, not to be used for performance. To get copies, please email me at:

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